Pregnancy Massage

…Pregnancy Massage is an adaptive treatment to support mother and baby from 12 weeks gestation- combining Shiatsu and massage moves. A deeply relaxing and restorative treatment which also combines exercises, visualisations, breathing and stretching  techniques with a rest period to finish.

£40.00 for 60 minutes
£55.00 for 90 minutes

Kate has completed a Diploma in Pregnancy Shiatsu and Massage through the renowned Suzanne Yates at Wellmother in Bristol.

The massage is safe and effective and helps with common physical pregnancy problems such as achy back, tight shoulders and neck, heavy legs and swollen ankles. Not only does it help with the physical being but may help emotionally and mentally by concentrating on the breath and allowing mum to really connect with her baby.

It is now recognised that a holistic approach can be hugely beneficial and empowering for the women creating a sense of well being which Kate seeks to support throughout the pregnancy into postpartum.

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